Decor story

Outdoor decor

As a room decoration, use floor vases, floor lamps and pots with flowers. The colors of the decor elements should not stand out much, but harmoniously fit into the interior. Also, with the help of a volumetric vase, you can zone the room. Using a floor lamp for decoration is a classic

The decor of the facade of the house

  The facade of the house also needs decoration. The facade decor creates an impression of the owners. It should not only be beautiful, but also keep warm and keep out moisture. There are a lot of materials for decorating the facade. The main thing is to choose the right option

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Home decor for the New Year

  For the new year, a fairy tale should turn out around, decorate the house inside and outside, there should be a fabulous atmosphere around. You can decorate the house not only with bright garlands, but also with beautiful crafts. They can be of a variety of colors: gold, green, red and white

  On the wall you can make a Christmas tree out of tinsel. Toys can also be made independently from improvised means: light bulbs, foil, pieces of material, colored paper and tinsel. Hang garlands and tinsel on the windows. Make snowflakes out of white paper