Decor story

History of decorative art

Decorative art was formed in primitive society (for example, ornamented ceramics, etc.) and actively developed in the Ancient East and in the ancient world, in the Near and Far East, and decorative art received the greatest success in China. It occupied the main place in Western Europe in the Gothic Revival style, in the Baroque style in the 18th and early 19th centuries. Monuments of decorative art have been appearing since ancient times. Decorative art was highly developed among the Scythians (jewelry, metalworking). Unique decorative paintings and sculptures, art objects have come down to us from Ancient Russia.

Initially, this art was formed in the folk environment by a person for the manufacture of necessary household items. Woven bedspreads, carpets, ceramic dishes and other necessary utensils were made. Handicraft work was carried out by a person in parallel with his main occupation (hunting, cattle breeding)

Variety of decor

To better understand what decor is, it is advisable to familiarize yourself with its varieties. It can be both simple and complex, relate to sculpture, architecture, painting. The decor is also divided into active and passive, external and internal. We can talk about a simple decor when paint of the same color is used or homogeneous textures are used for surface treatment. A complex one is one that involves a combination of many different techniques, for example, such as a combination of images and ornaments, sculptures and paintings, materials contrasting with each other in texture and texture. The active form of the decor provides that it must correspond to the logic of the structure's design, be related to its shape and purpose. Passive decor is not appropriate to the elements of the form, but is only intended to decorate the structure. Often this kind is used in architecture

Decor in stages

  1). Style. It is the main step in creating a decor. When choosing a style, you need to think carefully about everything so that the decor elements fit perfectly into the interior and there were no flaws. And which style is closer to you?   2). Color. Considering the question of what decor is, special attention should be paid to the color scheme. The colors of the things that will be used as decor are very important, so they should be selected based on the preferences of the owner of the apartment, the area in which the apartment or house is located, and most importantly – the style

3). Furniture. Having solved the problem associated with choosing a factory that produces furniture for the chosen style, you can start selecting the most suitable lighting fixtures, lamps, chandeliers. Most of the stages have already been completed, which means that you can proceed to the choice of textiles: carpets, curtains, pillows for armchairs, sofas, bedspreads and so on